New North Raleigh gourmet market is open

Great news for North Raleigh! Antonio’s Gourmet Market is now open at the shiny new Lafayette Village off Falls of the Neuse. There are other shops (particularly Savory Spice Shop) and restaurants (Paparazzi) there I also can’t wait to experience. In fact, I meant to do that last Friday evening when I visited Antonio’s — but I lingered so long I ran out of time.

I was thinking that Antonio’s would be a small, pricey food shop with limited specialty offerings — and would’ve been satisfied with that. But it’s far larger than I expected. Kind of like Fresh Market, but better.

I love that it’s locally owned and not a chain. I love how clean and beautiful it is. I love the products. And I love the service.

I can’t tell you how many employees spoke to me and offered to help or answer questions — but not in a pushy or otherwise irritating way. Maybe it was because it was the shop’s inaugural week, but I have a feeling the vibe won’t change much over time. Antonio himself (and several members of his family)  chatted with me and explained that the store’s primary focus is quality and service.

The quality is fantastic, as you can see in the photos. And the variety and selection of products is different than most competitors.

Seven different kinds of butter. Gorgeous produce. Prime and choice meats, cut to order on premises by an honest-to-goodness butcher. Kobe burgers. House-made sausages. Four homemade soups (I sampled the tomato fennel — yum). Roasted chickens and brick oven pizzas.

The pastry case held some exquisite-looking gems — including cupcakes and brownies by Audra’s Cakes and Creations, one of my favorites. (Didn’t know you made brownies, Audra. Delicious!)

The wine selection is impressive and unique for this area. And detailed tasting descriptions — and often, food pairing suggestions — are provided for each wine.

I counted 12 ready-to-take-and-eat Italian dishes in the deli case, including three different lasagnas and two types of meatballs.

One feature I plan to take advantage of is the prepared-foods-dinners-for-two: choice of entree, side, salad and dessert, priced from $17.95-21.95 depending on the entree (veal dishes are more, for instance).

The shop will order or stock food items by request. One new patron was thrilled with the speed with which his special-request pistachio oil arrived on the shelves.

Another cool service: Antonio’s will deliver to house-bound elderly and disabled clientele.

All this, for extremely reasonable prices.

I plan to shop there frequently. Later this week, for fish.

About atarheeltastes

I'm a passionate foodie who started this "temporary" blog during a gustatory tour of Tuscany. I decided to continue, since I love to dream about, plan for, prepare, eat and write about food!
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10 Responses to New North Raleigh gourmet market is open

  1. Dawn says:

    Great entry! Great pix! Can’t wait to check it out.

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  3. Ouiser B says:

    Wow, thanks for your post. This shop looks amazing. I wish I was closer but next time I’m near by I definitely plan to check it out.

  4. Beth says:

    LOVE that fish photo! I might be inspired to paint some fish/future food from that picture. I am just finally having a chance to check out A Tarheel Tastes, and I’m super impressed with how much you know about food, and how well you communicate it with your writing! Can’t wait to share this with my husband, who loves to cook and experiment, but is not exactly a foodie, and with a couple friends in particular. I hope you have a VERY MERRY Christmas. Give your mama my best, too! Oh! It is 12:12 a.m.! Ding-dong Christmas is here.

  5. Elle Hyson says:

    you are fortunate that your experience was so much better than ours – we had been looking forward to the opening of Antonio’s Market because of the location and the hype about the variety of foods available. What we bought in the way of prepared foods left us cold and with The Meat House opening up in Raleigh soon we’ll go there for our butcher-cut meats.

    • Gosh, that’s too bad! I’m looking forward to the opening of The Meat House, too. It’s within walking distance of where I live. I DO like that Antonio’s is individually owned and not a chain (unlike The Meat House).

  6. Julie says:

    I have been to Antonio’s Market several times and have experience the nicest staff and the finest of food. The staff told us how to prepare the food that we bought and were spot on. The prices are very reasonable too. I have found myself going to Antonio’s before i go to the grocery store to pick up the freshest produce. Good Luck to them, we need them around.

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