Is anyone still out there?

I hope you weren’t despairing, my handful of loyal readers. I didn’t abandon you. I just took a break while Erin was home visiting. And then I went to Orlando.

And of course I encountered a handful of delicious things to share with you. No mains — it was drinks, starters and desserts that were the standouts.

Indulgent shots 

Just a quick picture and tidbit for those of you who enjoy entertaining. (Or for people like me who like to be entertained, these would be great to take to a friend’s potluck.)

I had a fun desserty liqueur shot at a new year’s eve party. The ice cream cones are of the miniature variety — about the size of shot glasses, conveniently — and flat-bottomed. I think whoever made them drizzled chocolate syrup inside the cones. I’d like to try melting chocolate and coating the insides, then letting them harden. Next, fill them with Irish cream liqueur and voila! Some party guests sipped and then crunched, but I stuffed the whole thing into my happy mouth at once with no problem.

Norway lunch

Okay, okay. It didn’t happen in the real Norway, but in Epcot’s copy. We began our lunch at Akershus castle with a trip to the cold appetizer buffet that included all kinds of deliciousness, including many fish variations, a creamy shrimp salad (with those really tiny, cute shrimp) and gjetost, fondly dubbed “peanut butter cheese” by my friend Jennifer, which is a unique caramelized goat cheese. I must seek out the cheese now that I’m back home.

And I had to have a cocktail featuring aquavit, of course, so I indulged in the refreshing, deceptively light-looking but strong fjellbekk (mountain stream) comprised of that liquor plus vodka, Sprite and lime.


Dessert was a sharing platter featuring chocolate mousse, rice pudding and puff pastry with mascarpone mousse and berries. (I’m not sure how traditionally Norwegian it was, but it was tasty nonetheless.)

So phooey to those of you who told me Epcot Norway’s food was not good. I beg to differ.

New Orleans in Orlando

One day, we ate lunch at Emeril’s. We shared a starter that was absolutely fantastic: fried green tomatoes topped with rock shrimp tossed in a lovely Creole remoulade sauce, and sprinkled with watercress.

For dessert, I had a trio of mini cupcakes. What I assumed would be my favorites based on taste preferences were the chocolate raspberry and red velvet, but it was the carrot cake that actually stole the show.

Potter’s brew

And finally … Butterbeer from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

Unlike that imbibed in the books and movies, Universal’s version is non-alcoholic (so that the tens of thousands of devoted underage fans can enjoy it, no doubt). But wow, is it yummy.

I found one website that supplies a variety of recipes concocted by both amateurs and experts. They all have just one common ingredient: cream soda. Other add-ins include butter (of course), butterscotch and brown sugar.

Yes, Universal’s Butterbeer was sweet and rich. Like I said, yummy.

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I'm a passionate foodie who started this "temporary" blog during a gustatory tour of Tuscany. I decided to continue, since I love to dream about, plan for, prepare, eat and write about food!
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