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Mountain magic

Ahhhhh … Asheville, my favorite North Carolina spot. My soul’s at home in the mountains, and Asheville’s a growing, funky, eclectic town with a nice food scene. And my daughter has relocated there, so I have plenty of excuses now … Continue reading

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Farewell, Magnolia Grill

Why oh why did I never get around to eating at Durham’s venerable Magnolia Grill until its very last month in operation? I don’t really need to ask — I know my rationale all too well. I’ve found that many … Continue reading

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Making a case for emotional eating

Up-front warning: I’m stepping atop my soapbox! But know that it’s simply to air my personal beliefs and opinions. Nobody has to agree or comply with them.  This post will likely be a bit wordier than most, but I’ll try … Continue reading

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Bon jour!

The French food bug has never bitten me hard. Don’t get me wrong. I adore several French products, like Fleur de sel (best salt in the world) and the cheeses, yogurts and baguettes I tried when I visited Erin in … Continue reading

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The siren’s call

As promised, here’s my commentary on the cupcakes my cravings forced me to fetch last evening. (And no, I did not eat them both at once. I’ll admit that I wanted to. But I enjoyed one last night, and saved the second for … Continue reading

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In praise of Raleigh

Includes: American Meltdown food truck; Sugarland, Market and Cupcake Mayhem, all in Raleigh, NC Well, once again I find myself playing catch-up in this space. I can offer no substantial excuse for being so sluggish with blogging — just having … Continue reading

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